Elvin Siew Chun Wai takes a trip to Shanghai

China has made tremendous economic progress in the last fifty years. Until a few decades back, the Chinese cities were simply crowded with people and there were very few industrialized cities. Today the picture is pretty different and most of the Chinese cities have become very high tech. Elvin Siew Chun Wai is on a trip to the Chinese cities. Most of the Chinese mainland is packed with modern factories and industries. Elvin admitted that he was stunned to see the Chinese development. Most of the Chinese workers are skilled and they are completely disciplined.

China is one of the largest producers of electronic goods, cars, chemicals, coal and other products. Elvin Siew Chun Wai said that the speed at which China is progressing is remarkable. In just a time span of a few years, you can see that most of the Chinese cities are under a web of industrial development. China has the second largest economy in the world after the United States of America. Elvin Siew Chun Wai has traveled across most of the cities of China. He has admitted that most Chinese people are very helpful and cooperative in nature. During the trip, Elvin was supposed to visit some factories. He has to make a report on how the Chinese workers work.

The Chinese factories are giant and they produce in a very effective manner. In the coming days, Elvin Siew Chun Wai will also travel to the industrial zones of China. He also has plans to travel to the city of Hongkong in the coming days.

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